A little perspective

The Celtics are not caught up in their own greatness. Following tonight’s game, they respected history but refused the glory.
“If you don’t win the championship, all that goes out the window,” Kevin Garnett said. “If you don’t win at the end then it’s pretty meaningless. Our ultimate oal is to win this thing again and get better as we go.”
Six players were in double figures for the Celtics including, Garnett (18 points), Rajon Rondo (18 points), Ray Allen (16 points) and Leon Powe (15 points). Kendrick Perkins chipped in 8 points and a team-high 11 rebounds.
Fans began chanting “Beat LA” late in the fourth quarter. Now the next game for the Celtics is against L.A. they addressed the significance of the Christmas Day meeting against the Lakers.
“We look forward to playing them like we looked forward to playing Philly,” Paul Pierce said. “That’s just the mindset of this team. If you all would just be around us and understand our mindset every day it wasn’t like we circled this game or anticipated this matcup. We wanted to play Philly and now we want to play LA. It’s not any different than how we felt tonight coming into the game. It’s just another game on our schedule, and it’s a big road trip for us.”


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