Oh oh, it’s Magic

The Celtics won’t have much time to rest on the laurels of their Game 7 victory over the Chicago Bulls Saturday night (it’s now early Sunday morning). Boston’s second-round series against the Orlando Magic starts Monday.

“They’re a tough match-up at the four [Rashard Lewis]” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. “That’s the toughest matchup for us. That Howard guy’s pretty good, too.”

Rivers is giving his players Sunday off, but he’s already left scouting reports with his team in preparation for the Magic.

“They’re good,” said Rivers. “And we won the first two and lost the second two. We didn’t win either game without Kevin. And so we’re going to have to go and find out why.”


Paul Pierce said he wasn’t worried about the quick turnaround between games, but he did show a healthy respect for his next opponent.

“They’re a veteran group, they’ve been together,” said Pierce. “You’ve got Dwight Howard, such a physical presence in the middle. It’s going to be tough. So definitely we’ve got our work cut out for us. But, hey, you know, we still are the champs until someone knocks us off.”

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