Big Baby gets an apology back from Provetti

Ernest Provetti, the father of the boy involved in the Glen “Big Baby” Davis “shoving” incident in Game 4 in Orlando, sent an apology Big Baby’s way today.


Jim Davis / Globe Photo

On ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” this afternoon, co-host Tony Kornheiser read the following portion of an e-mail Provetti sent to PTI:

“What I said about Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis is inexcusable, is disgusting, and I feel horrible about it. I am truly sorry. I got caught up in the heat of the moment and not being a professional dealing with the media, I made a complete ass of myself.”

PTI co-host Michael Wilbon, who had been highly critical of Provetti’s initial response to the Davis bump on his son, responded to Provetti’s apology by saying he’d like to give him a hug.

Provetti reportedly also spoke with Celtics executive director of basketball operations Danny Ainge and Davis about the situation.


Davis offered up an apology yesterday regarding his much-publicized collision with a 12-year-old boy along the sideline in the moments after the Celtics forward’s winning shot Sunday night.

“I’m a big guy,” Davis said. “Imagine if my emotions are going so wild, and if I’m running by somebody, I don’t feel them.

“If I’ve hurt anybody or if I’ve done any harm to anybody, please forgive me because my intentions were harmless.”

Davis said he never saw Nicholas Provetti, who barely budged after Davis bumped him.

“If I had seen him, I would have picked up, rubbed his head and tried to make him feel better,” Davis said. “I’m a big guy. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone.”

“I’m glad he apologized for nothing, but I’m glad he did,” said Celtics coach Doc Rivers before last night’s game. “It’s just a classy move by Baby. Other than that not a lot needs to be said about it. My first thought is the dad is ruining a great thing for his son. The rest of his life his son could have said, ‘Hey look at me, that was me.’ But now he doesn’t want anybody to know that was him. That’s too bad, but that’s life.”


On Monday, the boy’s father demanded an apology from Davis. Monday night, after backlash, he said there was no need to apologize.

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