Rivers smiles about Ewing’s prediction

Orlando assistant Patrick Ewing predicted yesterday on ESPN Radio in Washington, D.C., that the Magic would win Game 7 against the Celtics tomorrow. Ewing, however, had a reputation of losing after predicting wins while playing for the Knicks. Celtics coach Doc Rivers, who played with Ewing in New York, was glad to hear Ewing’s prediction.

“Patrick Ewing did that? We feel great. We feel great about that. I’ve been on those Knicks teams where he had some predictions. But you know what I’ve always said about predictions, what else are you going to say? Are you going to say no? But the Patrick prediction makes me feel better,” Rivers said after today’s practice in Waltham.


The Celtics watched video for a half hour before practicing for 45 minutes today. Rivers and forward Paul Pierce believes the day off Friday aided their team. Rivers also had a prediction of his own that guard Ray Allen will break out of his shooting slump tomorrow.

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