Globe 10.0: Would a healthy Celtics team have won the title?

On today’s episode of Globe 10.0, the Globe’s Bob Ryan and Tony Massarotti ponder The Great What If:

What if the Celtics had been healthy this postseason … would they have won a second straight NBA title??

“Have you seen anything in these playoffs that tell you that with Kevin Garnett abnd Leon Powe fully healthy the Celtics could not have won the whole thing again? I haven’t,” Ryan argues.

Massaortti isn’t sure the Celtics, even if healthy, would have given the same matchup problems the Magic have in the Eastern Conference finals (which Orlando leads, 3 games to 1), but is nonetheless confident the Green would’ve had a great shot at taking down a Cleveland squad that is not looking so invincible anymore.


“If Cleveland was going to play like this could the Celtics have won the title?,” Mazz asks. “Hell yeah they could have no doubt about it.”

Both Ryan and Mazz agree that the Cavs’ inability to stop Orlando’s Dwight Howard is proving how well Celtics center Kendrick Perkins played in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

“I have an entirely new level of respect for how Kendrick Perkins defended Dwight Howard and what it takes to play defense against Howard, because Cleveland can’t stop him,” Mazz says.

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