Globe 10.0: Will Wallace be a good fit?

It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that Rasheed Wallace is one of the more emotional players in the NBA — perhaps the most emotional player in the league, at least judging by his annual tally of technical fouls.

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But he is also a rare combination of talent, versatility and basketball intelligence, and the veteran forward, who has agreed to terms with the Celtics, should be a tremendous asset next season off the bench.


The Globe’s Bob Ryan and Chris Gasper debate what the Celtics should expect from Wallace in today’s version of Globe 10.0 (now on Facebook).

While noting that Wallace seemed to want to come to the Celtics for the right reasons — the chance to win a championship and his friendship with Kevin Garnett — Ryan said there should at least be some caution about his notorious volatility.

“We’ve got the elephant over here in the room,” Ryan said. “He’s Rasheed Wallace, he’s Mr. Technical, he’s Mr. Emotional, he’s been a villainous figure in the league for every team but the one he plays for.”

“Here’s what I’m worried about,” Ryan added. “He’ll be fine when everything is going well. If it starts to go sour, you may lose him. I think he got bored in Detroit.”

There is also some question as to how Wallace will adjust to a reserve role, with KG starting at power forward and Kendrick Perkins the incumbent starter at center.

“I have one concern, that’s about him coming off the bench,” Gasper said. “That’s not something he’s done since way back in Portland he did it years ago. I don’t know how he will make that adjustment.”


But both agree that Wallace should be an ideal fit given the Celtics’ apparent needs.

“This guy’s consistency is astonishing, even in his old age,” said Ryan, noting that Wallace will be 35 when the season starts. “The last four years he’s averaged 12 (points per game) and 7 (rebounds).”

Added Gasper: “They needed more length, they needed a bigger guy, they needed some shooting. He provides that.”

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