Doc: Wallace wants to win

The deciding factor in Rasheed Wallace’s decision to join the Celtics was the team’s commitment to winning an NBA championship, coach Doc Rivers said today.

“Rasheed has won the title and he came close one other time, so clearly, he wants to do that again,” Rivers said before the Celtics-Oklahoma City game in the Summer Pro League in Orlando. “At this point in his career, I think that’s — most of the veteran free agents, they look at your team, and if you have a chance to win then I think you have a chance to get them. And I think that’s the reason, even over the Big 3.


“He looked at our team and he looked at the other teams and he liked our chances — and I hope he’s right. I’m not in the prediction business, I’ll let (Muhammad) Ali, (Floyd) Mayweather, and Patrick Ewing make those predictions. I think (the favorites are) the team that won it, the Lakers, and in the East, the Magic, until somebody proves differently.”

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