Welcome to Media Day


WALTHAM — Well, it’s officially here. That time of year when the sight of an empty gymnasium gives you goosebumps. When the single bounce of a ball sends kids running to their driveway to practice jumpers.

Too much? Yeah, probably.

We’re at the Celtics practice facility for Media Day, 2009, and all we’ve got so far is an empty gymnasium. No players yet. Figured we’d see Ray Allen getting up a few jump shots amongst the camera stanchions. He must be saving it for Newport.

For those of you unfamiliar with where the Celtics practice, their gym is tucked in of the back a health club where accountants and pediatricians come to work out on their lunch breaks. The team does, however, use seperate fitness equipment from the paying members of the Healthworks here.

Back in a bit with more substantive updates when others arrive.


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