Hitting close to home

One of the things that J.R. Giddens noticed when he heard about the fight that broke out last week between football and basketball players at Kansas University, was the jersey number of one of the basketball players caught up in the brawl, Tyshawn Taylor.

“Coincidence he wears No. 15,” Giddens said. “He’s wearing my number.”

His sophomore year at Kansas, Giddens was involved in a brawl in the wee hours of the morning. He was stabbed in his calf, walked on crutches for weeks and ultimately transferred to New Mexico. All he can think about now is how much he put his future in jeopardy by making such a poor decision.


“I learned there’s a way that you should and shouldn’t act,” Giddens said. “Your decision-making — me getting stabbed, that could have been the end of my career. So it kind of made me want to be wise about the decisions I made.”

Taylor injured his thumb and could be sidelined up to a month.

“I think he’ll make smarter decisions next time, because he sees something so silly like that can jeopardize your career or the start of your NBA season,” Giddens said. “And I know a young man like that is trying to prepare for the NBA, so I think it’s a lesson learned. They’re young men. They’re going to make some mistakes. Football and basketball, I’m sure they learned their lesson.”

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