As you can see, Ray Allen keeps his loyal Twitter followers as updated possible.

The NBA, of course, will reveal its policy on social media like Twitter and Facebook this week. Everyone’s opinion on the subject is different. Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach said Twitter was for “narcissists” and banned his players form using it. Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said he wouldn’t allow it. Shaq and Allen Iverson are pretty big on it.

It’s brought equal amounts of attention and trouble to professional athletes. But as far as how the Celtics will decide to navigate the tricky new landscape, it looks like moderation is going to be the policy.


“It’s another way for fans to get inside to some of their favorite athletes and celebrities,” said Allen. “You get a chance to talk to your fans. People may want to know how to shoot jump shots or what did I tihnk about something that happened in the community. That’s the way I used it, just as encouragement … I’m a thought guy, sending good thoughts out into the universe and allowing people to piggy back off that, talk about movies that I’ve seen. ”

What you won’t see many Celtics doing is tweeting about internal affairs.

“”The one thing I won’t and I haven’t done with Twitter is use it to talk about what’s going on in my locker room, or even to talk about the game,” Allen said. “I think guys shouldn’t be using it during games, around game times, talking about referees or talking about something your coach did or shouldn’t have done. The newspaper is good enough.”

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