KG talks after Wednesday’s workout

Kevin Garnett addressed the media following the second day of Celtics’ training camp and said he was still trying to get more flexible in the right knee. Here is the interview:

Can you tell us where the leg is right now?

“It’s just certain, not necessarily that I can’t do or whatever, just from power and strength and not having the options to play, is my only difficulty. You see when I sprint I can’t get out and (makes the sound of a speeding car) like I really want to but each day I can honestly say I am getting better and better. 85 percent, 90 percent is pretty accurate. Probably most excited and most uplifting for me is on defense, where I am able to move laterally and recover.


“When a guy makes a strong move, I can respond to that and react to that as opposed to in the past I would have had some problems, I would have reached. For the most part I can move around laterally and defensively better than anything. Offense is just about mixing up schemes and getting people off balance, it will come. Like I said man, I said with a laugh or smiling face yesterday was that strengthening, conditioning of the leg, that’s what I am speaking on, not my whole body, is going to take patience on my part. I take it to the limit and I push a little bit past the limit until (trainer) Ed (Lacerte) gives me the daddy look like he wants to kill me or something.

“For the most part, it’s going positive man.”

Is this thing more about mentally getting over the knee injury?

“I don’t even think about that. When you hear that it’s because when you go to do something and you’ve had surgery, you feel it. It’s the first thing. With the rehab and some of the things I’ve done, I just try to work through the signs of it. The leg is going to tell you that it can go or stop. It’s going to tell you. It’s not going to have to be something you think about.


“I had a long talk with Tony Allen and he was telling me about his knee and one of the things he was telling me was don’t think about your leg and that’s one of the things I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind. I just play, man. Today I got kicked in the leg, hobbled over, worked it out and two seconds later I was back on the court. Those are all signs of good basketball because there’s going to be good contact. I just got to play through it.

Are you worried about lateral movement?

“Nah I am not worried about anything. I’m worried about getting stronger and getting better.”

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