Garnett: ‘I don’t have any knee problems’

NEWPORT, R.I. — Kevin Garnett said Saturday that his knee is pain free and he feels more flexible with his surgically repaired right knee than at any time since the operation. Garnett was nimble running the court at Salve Regina University and didn’t favor the right leg as much as Tuesday, the first day of training camp.

Here is the complete interview with Garnett:

What did you think of the second team’s performance?

“You know what it is? We don’t have to stop with our second team and teach and Doc ain’t gotta make a lot of adjustments and points of emphasis. Last year I thought we had a younger team so we have to teach a lot more. But as you can see, we’re so advanced when it comes to Basketball I.Q. in addition to the new guys, Shelden (Williams) knows all the plays. It just makes it more easy.


“When they came over to our second the second (scrimmage), it wasn’t even a lot of plays being called, it was even a lot of plays being called, there were just sets and reacting and responding to everybody. It was probably some of the most simple basketball I’ve played in a while.”


Garnett: “Better than I expected. I anticipated being a lot more sore than what I was going to be. I have my days and then sitting and talking to other guys, they were just as sore as I was so I kind of felt at home. I didn’t want to overreact to anything and to be honest with everybody here I’m not even thinking about the injury when I’m playing. I do all my stuff I’m supposed to do. I don’t play around with my workouts, even when I am in my room I do my calisthenics and I am getting my proper treatments. And you see this kinesio tape on me but it’s all prevention and all to better.

The things I couldn’t do four, five days ago, I can do today, When were in a drill and we were doing some lob stuff, some five-on-five stuff and some of the moves and cuts with the ball and me stepping back and pushing off, I couldn’t four to five, seven days ago and every day I’m getting stronger and every day I’m getting better, just trying to climb on top of the ladder.”



“I don’t have any knee problems. I don’t have any knee problems. I’m not trying to get in depth with my injury and all that but the things are bothering me are secondary and not even primary. So I’m excited about that because it’s nothing be strengthening the knee and playing again. You gotta remember, I have been out since what, March? I haven’t done anything since then. I have just been rehabbing, strengthing. Nothing simulates basketball play. The pounding, the churning, the reactions, the stuff you have to react to in games you can’t get that in trying to that with the rehab and the trainers and all that other stuff.

“I feel really good, I wouldn’t (BS) you guys if I was hurting I would tell you. I’m pretty straight up with everything that’s going on with me. I feel good. I’m excited about how we are and I’m just trying to get my part together to make sure I’m ready for when we need to be like we need to be.”


I don’t have a crystal ball. If I did, I would sit here and do it in front of you. For the most part, I am just going to continue to do the things I’ve been doing to get me up to this point. Hopefully it takes me to the top, to where I felt like today in the scrimmage. I was getting up and down, sprinting, sprinting, sprinting and I can tell you, to be honest four or five days ago I couldn’t do that. There would be times where I would have to pace. Instead of going to the boards I would get back. Today was all out, just going and going.”


(Trainer) Eddie (Lacerte) told me “that’s the best you looked the whole camp.” So just movement wise, I’ve been exploding off of it. So I just have to continue to improve.”


“I’m a little injured or coming off injury, I’m not dead. I’m not brain dead. I can still make plays. I can still play defense and still know how to play. So I’m still me now, you know what I mean? I ain’t in my grave yet dog. They ain’t shot Old Yeller yet dog. They ain’t took him in the back yet. I can still make a couple of plays here and there. I know you haven’t seen me in a while but I ain’t go that much dust on me.”

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