Wizards’ Arenas: What would ‘Sheed do?

At the Washington Wizards media day last month, Gilbert Arenas said the only way the media would hear a word from him was if the NBA forced him to. A $25,000 fine from the league for his silence pretty much forced him to yesterday.

The way Michael Lee of the Washington Post described it, Arenas ended the media boycott in an apparently hilarious fashion after the Wizards 101-98 win over the Pistons in Grand Rapids, Mich. Crossword puzzles have fewer single-word responses than Arenas did.

But if one of his answers sounded familiar, it’s because it’s a line made famous by a new Celtic. Rasheed Wallace isn’t the first player to say “both teams played hard” but he might have the record for most uses in a single press sitting.


Wallace typically gets a bad rap, but there are enough clips out there to make you realize how fun/funny he is. You can’t help but notice how tight those Pistons teams were when everything was running smoothly. As far as the chemistry in Boston so far, Wallace is already one of the loudest voices in the locker room, no matter what sport he’s discussing. Here are some more ‘Sheed Youtube classics.

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