Classic Celtics game inspires Jordan shoe


The infamous “God disguised as Michael Jordan” performance is one of the games that inspired the latest release in Jordan’s collection of shoes. The Air Jordan 60+ Collection gives a nod to each of the Hall of Famer’s 60-point scoring binges. This particular pair casts the Air Jordan 5 in the Celtics Green/White/Black colorway.

Moreover, this is an excuse to post video of that freakish performance in Game 2 of that first round 1986 Playoffs series. Also, when Jordan was inducted into the Hall of Fame last month, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge told this to the Herald:

“I actually played golf with him the day before that game. I think we played at Framingham Country Club. And I beat him so when he was scoring all those points late in the game, I wondered if he was taking it out on me.”

(via SneakerObsession)


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