So long Sweetney


Last night, Doc Rivers said he’d make his roster decisions pretty quickly, and he kept his word.

The Celtics waived Mike Sweetney this afternoon. The former Georgetown star averaged 6.4 minutes in five preseason games, sitting out the final two with the flu.

Since training camp, Rivers had been flattering of Sweetney, but the weight issues that Sweetney had dealt with as a Bull, which grew in the year he spent away from basketball, were evident in his short time with the Celtics. He was listed at 275 pounds, though he easily looked more massive than Glen Davis, who was listed at 289. Still, Rivers said Sweetney had the talent of an NBA basketball player.


There had been rumors that the Celtics liked Sweetney so much they were considering keeping him around, helping him lose weight with hopes that he could contribute midyear.

Waiving him leaves the Celtics with 15 players, a number Rivers is fond of. He’s said in the past that he wishes he could not only carry 15 players but dress them.

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