Brown takes all the blame

Bobcats coach Larry Brown has been around a while. Long enough to coach Doc Rivers, then a point guard with the Clippers, in 1991. But the only coach in history to win both an NBA and NCAA championship as a coach was at a loss for words after the thrashing his team took at the hands of the Celtics tonight.

“I did a hell of a coaching job,” Brown said sarcastically after the game. “That’s my first thought. Our team wasn’t prepared, weren’t ready to play. That’s nobody’s fault but the coach. We got a lot of guys scared to death and that’s tough.”


Brown could have used a couple of Boston’s players on his side, but the point was made.

“It’s nobody’s fault but mine. I’ve got to do a better job.”

Said Charlotte’s Tyson Chandler: “To me they’re the best team in our conference. So a team that has a lot of things to work on, and a team that’s already the best team in the conference, you get a lopsided game.”

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