Rondo mum on Paul incident

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Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo walked through the locker room following tonight’s game with his right ankle iced and heavily wrapped, a byproduct of a fall he took in the first quarter of tonight’s win over the Hornets.


As for some words he may or may not have had with New Orleans’ Chris Paul after the game, the Celtics made that topic off limits before introducing Rondo to the media tonight. As in no questions having anything to do with Paul. Tonight, tomorrow, or ever. Paul and Rondo received double-technicals in the second quarter, and the players could be seen exchanging words as the teams walked off the court after the game.

Someone did sneak in a question about Paul based on Kevin Garnett’s postgame quote that the two players were “apples and oranges,”, to which Rondo replied something about Paul having to be more of a scorer while he is more of a facilitator.

But nothing on the incident.

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Paul, on the other hand, was more forthcoming.

“I don’t know man, they won, that’s all it was a good game,” Paul said. “When you’re winning (you can talk trash).”


When told he looks upset on the court, Paul, hardly drawn in by the questioning said, “I just have that expression on my face sometimes. I’m a funny guy like that. I was talking to (Paul Pierce and Ray Allen), somebody came up to me. I don’t know.

“I’m a big advocate for the Boston Celtics and how they defend and how they play hard and play together, it’s something that we want to get to,” he said. “Boston has established themselves as a team that’s not going to beat themselves. I think Rondo’s a lucky guy to be able to play with a guy like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG, Rasheed Wallace. Like I said, man, he’s a great point guard. He has won an NBA championship, something I hope to achieve.”

“Like I said, they are a great team,” he continued. “I watch them play on (NBA) League Pass. The way they communicate. KG? I could go on and on about him and the intensity he brings every night.”

Ray Allen said he didn’t see Paul and Rondo talking after the game.

“I have no idea,” Allen said when asked what happened between Paul and Rondo. “You turn around and there’s a situation, and you just want everybody to clear. You just keep it moving. Everybody out. The game’s over and you clear the floor.

“They’re both feisty. Both aggressive, in your face…so I’m pretty sure it can get chippy out there.”


Paul finished the game with 22 points and 8 assists, while Rondo finished with 6 points and 10 assists.

  • On his contract status, Rondo said he was going to call his agent Bill Duffy on his way home to see if there were any updates. He had no updates before the game.

    Asked if he’d like to remain a Celtic for another year or for life, Rondo paused and answered, “For life.”

    Gary Washburn of the Globe Staff contributed to this report

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