Celtics hoping league rescinds technicals

The NBA reviews all technical fouls and flagrant fouls, so they will examine Kendrick Perkins’ bizarre technical foul Saturday against Indiana, called by Joey Crawford. And they will also look at Doc Rivers’ technical called 21 seconds later as he waved his hand in disgust and then walked back towards the bench, also called by Crawford.

“Yeah I got a response,” Rivers said Saturday when asked if he received an explanation about Perkins technical. “(Crawford) gave me a tech. That was his response.”

The Celtics are privately hoping the league rescinds both technicals, which would remove the fouls from their total. Perkins already has four technicals in 11 games, meaning he would reach nearly 30 for the season in he remains on that pace. The league suspends players for one game for each technical past 16 for the season. Call it the Rasheed Wallace Rule.

Wallace, by the way, also has four.


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