Sources: Celtics not interested in Nocioni

An ESPN report Tuesday morning stated that the Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Sacramento Kings had discussed a trade that would send Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, and disgruntled Sacramento forward Kenny Thomas to Philadelphia, J.R. Giddens and Philadelphia’s Samuel Dalembert to Sacramento, and sharpshooter Andres Nocioni to Boston.

According to two sources, there has been no discussion from the Celtics’ side on this deal, and one of those two sources said the Celtics have not reached out to Sacramento about inquiring about Nocioni. The issue for Boston is the length of Nocioni’s contract. He is signed through 2012 with a team option for 2013. This is no way the Celtics, with decisions regarding Ray Allen and having just committed $55 million to Rajon Rondo, are going to take on that kind of money.


Not to say Boston couldn’t use a gusty outside shooter, but not with a lengthy contract and could eventually serve as hindrance to other deals. So in this case, it’s not the player, but the contract and money. The Celtics passed on signing James Posey for the same reason.

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