Doc: ‘That team scares the hell out of you’

Celtics coach Doc Rivers didn’t hesitate to open the press conference showing his respect to the Warriors, after his team just won 109-95. Here’s some excerpts from his post-game transcript:

“That team scares the hell out of you. You want to sub your guys out with five minutes left and you’re worried about them making a 20-0 run in the two seconds. I mean, they’re a hell of an offensive team, I’ll tell you that.

(On the second half) “Well, we had to play better in the second half. You know, honestly, we didn’t play very well in the first half. So, you know, again, we’re just working. We’re going to get better. We have to become a 48-minute team, and that’s what we’re talking about a lot right now. So, we’ll get there.”

On Rajon Rondo:

“He was terrific in the second half. You know, first half, in his defense, he got the two quick fouls. And you’ve been around the game long enough and you get that, now all of a sudden you’re out of sync, and you’re out of your rotation. And then he comes back in the beginning of the second quarter and I never though he had any rhythm in that stretch. But he came out in the third quarter and played with unbelievable speed and energy. And we wanted him. You’ve just got to make his speed a factor, and when he does that, even against teams — we told them before the game they’re going to switch a lot — and if Rondo came off with enough speed, it didn’t matter if they switched. They couldn’t stay in front of him. And he did that in the second half. He was terrific.”

(On how to make the defense better:

“Just step by step. We’re not panicked; we’re not worried about it. It’s a long year. You know, it’s early in the year and we’re going to be a better team as the year goes on.”

On Eddie House:

“He’s trying. The whole key for Eddie is defense for us. You know, just keep shooting, that’s what he does. And they’re going to go in for him, so I’m not concerned about his shot. He’s not going to forget how to shoot. But what keeps Eddie on the floor is the better he is on defense, the longer he stays on the floor. That allows us to continue to play him. He has a huge value for us offensively; we all know that. Even when he’s not making shots, you have to guard him, and that opens the floor. But when he’s not playing defense, or well, then we have to take him off the floor.”

On Rasheed Wallace:

“He’s been great. I got on him today, and I rarely do, about the threes because even though he was wide open, it’s really tough. I got to tell you, I mean, he was wide open and he took two, but we had just taken two quick ones. And we were trying — and that was in the third quarter — to make a concerted effort to go back down and then take it. But he’s got an incredibly high basketball IQ. He’s been phenomenal in the locker room.”


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