Post-game quotes from Perkins, Allen

After beating the Warriors 109-95, the Celtics chimed in on playing against Nellie-ball and coming off of a two-game skid.

Kendrick Perkins:

“They do a lot of switching. Coach Nelson also likes to play small ball sometimes so you know Doc was saying get it in and you know we just had to be responsible and they start trapping and that changed the game. I thought that Rondo started getting aggressive, he starting taking the basket. That changed the whole game. Every time he attacks it opens up the floor for everybody else. He did the best job tonight.”

Ray Allen:

“In the first half we just exchanged buckets the whole time. Obviously they played a pretty good game tonight but on our behalf we didn’t do the things — get the stops. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because we feel we’re a pretty good defensive team but the communication we just have to pick up and get better at talking on defense and just kind of having that chemistry again.

(Having trouble with younger athletic teams than you thought?) It’s really hard to say, I know defense just talking over the last couple games is … we’ve got to pick our energy back up on that defensive end. It’s obvious that the energy is out there for us but you know just watching film, they were rebounding and it’s just simple things, getting people off our backs, just paying attention to the detail.”


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