Rivers on Garnett’s minutes: ‘Just by vision’

The questions on Kevin Garnett’s health are bound to continue until Garnett has a monster game, strings together several dominating performances, or finishes off every alley-oop thrown his way.

Doc Rivers answered the latest batch of questions before tonight’s game with Philadelphia, when Rivers was asked how he gauged Garnett’s minutes.

“Just by vision,” said Rivers. “His minutes are way down, obviously. That’s why I get a chuckle sometimes when I hear guys compare his numbers to previous numbers. Well it’s tough when you don’t play. It’s really by vision more than anything else, and anytime we can get him rest we get him rest.”


Rivers took exception to an observation that those who have watched Garnett this season seem to almost universally share: That Garnett just hasn’t been able to get as high for those alley-oops.

“Well I think it depends on the day,” said Rivers. “He had a couple games where he had three or four alley-oops. I think it’s just going to take time, and he’s going to have good days and bad days.”

Rivers was asked if Garnett was simply getting older.

“Well they’re all older,” he said. “But I don’t think that’s as much of a factor as it’s been made out to be.”

The Celtics coach said Garnett was no more frustrated by his recovery from his knee injury than he is when he has a few bad games in a row.

— There’s no relapse for Tony Allen (ankle). “He’s just not ready yet,” said Rivers. “Soon.”

— On Allen Iverson’s announced retirement, Rivers said, “I don’t believe anyone retires until they get to the point where they have to. He had a great career if that’s true, obviously. I just don’t know if I believe it yet.”

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