Video: Rivers: ‘Celtics need to rebound better’

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Celtics coach Doc Rivers says his team needs to do a better job crashing the glass.

“They got every loose ball, they got every long rebound,” said Rivers. “And they scored more off the secondary action than the offense. That’s just awareness, quickness, but again it’s the physicality that we have to get to. I thought there was the one stretch in the fourth quarter where you could physically see bodies on bodies. And we got all the rebounds. And we’ve just got to get better at it. We’ve always been a good rebounding team over the last couple years and right now we’re not. It’s that simple. And we can get away with winning now, but we’re not going to win in the long term if we don’t start rebounding.”


Paul Pierce also chimed in on the rebounding effort.

“It starts with all five guys and our bigs are really doing a great job, putting bodies on men,” said Pierce. “It’s a problem with the guards, we have to do a better job at coming back and helping the bigs, especially on long rebounds. That is where we get beat the most, on the long rebound issue. Between me Ray [Allen] and [Rajon] Rondo, we have to do a better job at that.”

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