Daniels: ‘Eventually, it was going to come to it’


Marquis Daniels talked to the media for the first time since undergoing surgery for a wrist that had bothered him for about three weeks. He said he was going to see a doctor tomorrow and that he’d have a clearer idea of a possible return date. The word had been that he would miss up to eight weeks.
He also took the time to explain what it was like to pretend like his wrist wasn’t bothering him for three weeks.
Daniels said he initially banged his left wrist up in his return to Indiana Nov. 14, and he did what pretty much any athlete would do. He ignored it.

He played and practiced for about three weeks after that. 

“Here and there it would get better,” he said. 

Then, he’d hit it against something. Then, it would feel worse. Then, it would feel better. And, for the most part, he was fine with that little cycle.

“Then, [Rajon] Rondo threw the ball in practice, and I was trying to steal it and it just hit me wrong,” Daniels said. “It was just real painful.”

“Doc pulled me out of practice. I was trying to
keep going, he just told me to come out. He was starting to notice it a lot

He had surgery last week and everyone found out he would likely miss two months.

“It was just something that we all decided that needed to be done,” he said. “I wasn’t going to do it. I just wanted to play and be out
there on the floor. We’ve got a great chance with a great team so you don’t
want to take yourself out of it if you don’t have to.

“Eventually, it was going to come to it, but I just wasn’t
going to do it.”


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