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Paul Pierce
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So, David Stern, Barack Obama and I walk into a bar … 

… nah, not really. But you never know.

Anyway, I did get to thinking about what I’d do if I had their power for a day (or, you know, in my own case, if I had more self control). I’d definitely do things a little differently. This is what I came up with.

Three things I’d change about the league:

  1. I’d get rid of the age minimum: I don’t know why they have it. I think if you’re a pro, you’re a pro. And if a team wants to draft you and you’re good enough, you should be able to go no matter what age you are. You see it overseas, guys are pros at 14, 15, 16 years old. You’ve got to give everybody an opportunity.
  2. Shorten the season to 60 games: Every year somebody gets hurt. That’s a combination of wear and tear in preseason games and regular season games.
  3. Raise the rim three inches: The athletes today are crazy. You see the way guys are jumping these days. I would raise the rim three inches. Then, you have to learn the art of the jump shot. You’ll have to know how to play this game a little bit better then. Raising the rim, you’ll see improved play. You’ll see increasing fundamentals. I’m telling you.

Two things I’d change about the world:

  1. Every person who goes to war, when they come back, they get a free house — no taxes: I was talking about this the other day, about what happens to people who go to war. When they come back a lot of them are on the streets. A lot of them get certain benefits, but the adjustment they make, it’s crazy.
  2. Fight poverty: By no means did I grow up rich. When I moved to Inglewood, we lived with my auntie for a year. Then we got a one bedroom apartment — me, my mom, and my brother stayed in. Then, when I got older, we were able to make a little bit of money, because my brother got drafted by the San Francisco Giants. He bought my mom like a $100,000 house with his signing bonus. That really helped us out. Got us out of a really bad neighborhood that we were in.

One thing I’d change about myself.

  1. My craving for chocolate: I can’t be around chocolate. Mainly, chocolate ice cream and cake. I’m trying to encourage kids to be fit, to live a healthy lifestyle, and not to have the cravings. But I tell them, there’s nothing wrong with having what you crave one day a week, just not all the time. And that’s the truth. One last thing: thanks to all the people who commented and followed my Twitter handle @paulpierce34 after yesterday’s post.

As told to Globe reporter Julian Benbow.

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