Garnett: “Put it on the list”


Having had to sit Kevin Garnett down Tuesday against Indiana with a right thigh bruise, the last thing Doc Rivers wanted to see in the final few minutes of the Celtics 86-77 win over Orlando yesterday was Garnett, stretched out on the hardwood after taking a nasty fall, knocking his head against the floor.


All Rivers did was hear it.

“The fans probably couldn’t hear it, but I heard a pretty big thump, and I didn’t realize that it was his head,” Rivers said.


Trying to deny Vince Carter an easy path to the lane, Garnett went up to contest the shot. Carter kicked it to the corner for a Rashard Lewis 3, meanwhile Garnett was hung in the air with teammate Tony Allen underneath him. He tried to brace himself but came down hard and loud to the floor.

“I’m ok,” Garnett said after the game. “I’ve had harder falls. I’m just glad we won to be honest. I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning. But for now, I’m all right.”



Rasheed Wallace called a timeout with Garnett laying in pain. Garnett was down for a few seconds, but walked to the bench on his own power. He didn’t, however, come back on the floor after the timeout, though he said he could have.

“Adrenaline’s going,” Garnett said. “You’re still going. You’re still able to move. I think it was only what two minute, a minute and something, so I figured that I can suck it up for a minute and 50, two minutes or so’ and finish it out. It was a hard hit. Just tried to pop up and finish the game. ”


Garnett scored 10 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, imposing himself largely on the defensive en in 33 minutes on the floor. Having had to deal with questions about the status of his health all year, Garnett said. “Put it on the list.”

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