T. Allen in a thinking man’s position

The 40 extra minutes Tony Allen spent after practice today was essentially a “What Would Rondo Do?” session. Allen, finding himself running the point with Rajon Rondo recovering from a tweaked hamstring, worked on all types of drills from pick and rolls to “rejects” or basically, “some of everything Rondo would do in a game,” he said. 


He’s had to make a quick adjustment since returning to action in mid-December. Once taking things slowly, he now has to assume as much of the floor general’s responsibilities as he can without overwhelming himself. 
Against Toronto, Doc Rivers kept things simple, installing just four sets in practice the day before and calling more plays that he normally does. 
 As far as learning it all, Allen said, “The hardest thing is just remembering the plays from the point guard position, I know all the plays from a wing position, but it’s just hard remembering where to cut to sometimes off of certain plays.” 
He hasn’t been shy about asking for help.
“With things I have problems with, I always pull coach to the side, ask him to draw it up real quick again,” Allen said. “Stuff like that will help me. I don’t take much, because I basically know the play I’ve just got to find out what my position is, what’ll be my outlets and what I’m looking for in those plays I called.” 

His thought process has to change now that his role has, for instance, he has to be aware that because Ray Allen is a catch-and-shoot player and J.R. Giddens is more of a spot up shooter, certain plays cater more to their individual abilities. 
 “It’s like homework,” Allen said. “You’ve just got to basically know your assignment.” Allen joked that he was ready for Rondo to return, only so he could return to making plays like these. 

“I’m the type of player where, if I’m on the break, I like giving it to Rondo and letting him get me open and I get that finish,” Allen said. “Now, I’m on the break now, I’ve got to give that thing up. Now I’ve got to make the play.”


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