Updates from Celtics-Raptors

Final, Celtics 114-107

Rasheed Wallace has 29 points, his most since Nov. 8, 2007 when he dropped 36 on Chicago. Six Celtics score in double figures and Rajon Rondo collects his first triple-double of the season with 22 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds.

Fourth quarter, 41.6, Celtics 112-104

This game got anxious for a minute when Chris Bosh cut the Boston lead to four with a jumper at 1:46. But Kendrick Perkins made both critical free throws when he was fouled after an offensive rebounds and Paul Pierce just hit a pull-up 20-footer for the lead after a Rasheed Wallace steal.

Fourth quarter, 2:53, Celtics 108-100

The Raptors won’t relent and they made a quick 7-0 run to draw to within 104-97 before the Celtics responded with four in a row. Kendrick Perkins is at the free throw line for two. Rasheed Wallace has 27 points, his best as a Celtic and most since Feb. 7 at Milwaukee as a member of Detroit.


Fourth quarter, 6:23, Celtics 102-88

The Celtics are on a 8-1 run and have extended the lead to 14 because of Rasheed Wallace’s 3-pointer for his 25th point. Rajon Rondo has reached a triple-double with 18 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds, his first of the season. Ice Cube would be proud.

Fourth quarter, 9:51, Celtics 95-87

The 13-point lead is down to eight because of a 7-2 Toronto run and five straight points from Marco Bellinelli. He has 12 points in 13 minutes.

End of third quarter, Celtics 93-80

Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani are a combined 15-for-31 from the field with 49 points. The rest of the Raptors are 13-for-31 with 31 points. Defensively, the Celtics have to stop fouling. The Raptors have 26 free throw attempts. The Celtics already have six players in double figured, led by Rasheed Wallace with 22.

Third quarter, 2:39, Celtics 84-74

Boston withstood a 19-10 Toronto run and lead by 10 after a Kendrick Perkins jumper. Perkins has 12 points and four rebounds while Rasheed Wallace has 22 points in 24 minutes. Chris Bosh has 29 points and 11 rebounds while Andrea Bargnani has 17 points.

Third quarter, 6:50, Celtics 73-64

The Celtics are playing strong defense to begin the period and the Raptors struggled under a quick 5-0 run in the last 30 seconds. Rasheed Wallace has 19 points in 22 minutes while Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani have combined for 38.


Halftime, Celtics 59-50

The Celtics withstood 19 points from Chris Bosh and have led the entire first half. Rasheed Wallace has 13 points, Kendrick Perkins 10 points and four rebounds while Rajon Rondo has 9 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists in 20 minutes. Boston also had just two turnovers in the second period.

Second quarter, 1:16, Celtics 53-46

The Celtics are staving Toronto runs with big buckets and Rasheed Wallace has carried most of the load with 13 points while Rajon Rondo has already 9 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. Chris Bosh has 17 points.

Second quarter, 5:07, Celtics 43-38

The Celtics have had their chances to pull away but are missing easy layups or making silly turnovers. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh just laid down a vicious dunk in the face of Shelden Williams. He has 15 points.

Second quarter, 7:10, Celtics 41-33

Eddie House has kept the Celtics ahead with two 3-pointers but Boston’s defense has been putrid in stretches. Chris Bosh leads Toronto with 13 points and Rasheed Wallace has eight for the Celtics.

End of first quarter, Celtics 29-26

The Celtics are killing themselves with turnovers and have given the Raptors the ball three times on sloppy inbounds passes. Rajon Rondo leads Boston with 9 points, 4 assists and 5 rebounds. Chris Bosh has 10 for Toronto.

First quarter, 1:46 Celtics 26-21

The Celtics are 6-for-17 from the field since their fast start but when Rajon Rondo is banking 3-pointers from the left side of the arc, then you know it’s a good day. Chris Bosh is leading the Raptors with 10 points and five rebounds.

First quarter, 5:03 Celtics 16-13


The Celtics are 3-for-11 from the field since their 10-0 scoring spurt and the Raptors have gotten 11 of their 13 points from Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani.

First quarter, 10:19, Celtics 10-0

Like Ray Rice just did with the Ravens, the Celtics began Sunday’s game with a right cross to the chops of the Raptors, scoring the first 10 points on 4-for-4 shooting and 3-pointers from Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

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