Rivers ejected from Atlanta game

Two technical fouls were given to Celtics coach Doc Rivers at the 6:16 mark in the third quarter of tonight’s game with the Atlanta Hawks, an automatic ejection. Rivers was upset about a flagrant foul given to Glen Davis, who fouled Marvin Williams hard but did not look like he was trying to cause harm on a fast break. In fact, Davis seemed to hold Williams up on the play to help break his fall.

Rivers is usually mild mannered, but his body language suggested he was very upset with not only the initial call, but also with the technical fouls given by official Bennett Salvatore. The coach’s reaction suggests this may not be the last we hear about this ejection.


Celtics assistant coach Armond Hill also was called for a technical, seconds after Rivers went to the locker room.

A fan close to the action on the court yelled, “The league is fixed” as
Rivers pleaded his case to Salvatore.  NBA officiating now, and for the
foreseeable future, will be under the scrutiny of that kind of fan

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