‘Sheed will play; House, JR win contests

Rasheed Wallace plans to play in Monday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks after missing three games with a foot strain.

Wallace participated in a light practice Saturday, much of the one-hour session involving dunking and shooting contests. The winners were: Eddie House (3-pointers and free throws) and J.R. Giddens (dunk).

“Honestly, after watching the tape, I brought them in the lockerroom, and said the last thing we need to do is practice today,” coach Doc Rivers said. “I thought we were exhausted. I don’t think one day allows you to get your legs back, and so I told them since we had the open practice, let’s put a little set in and then go have some fun and enjoy the game. I think, sometimes, in the year you’ve got to remember why you play basketball and so I thought guys were laughing, and I thought that was good for them.”


House defeated Paul Pierce in the 3-point final and Ray Allen in the free throw final. Giddens edged Bill Walker in the dunk contest, catching the ball on the bounce, then going through the legs and one-handing the slam.

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