Updates from Celtics-Pistons

Final, Pistons 92-86

The Celtics score 30 points in the second half on 9-for-34 shooting with 10 turnovers and zero second-chance points. A bad loss against a team limping becuase of injuries.

Fourth quarter, 9.9, Pistons 92-86

The Celtics respond with a Ray Allen layup but Richard Hamilton hits two more free throws. This one is over.

Fourth quarter, 21.3, Pistons 90-84

Richard Hamilton hits a runner at the baseline after the Celtics argued that the Pistons got a timeout when they didn’t have control of the ball.

Fourth quarter, 55.1, Pistons 88-84

Rasheed Wallace hits a 3-pointer and the Pistons call time out. Wallace has 16 points and seven rebounds in his return to Detroit.


Fourth quarter, 55.1, Pistons 88-81

Charlie Villanueva is the player the Celtics have no answer for. He just drained a 3-pointer as the 24-second clock wound down for a seven-point lead and it looks like another loss for the Celtics. Paul Pierce has two points in the second half after 19 in the first.

Fourth quarter, 2:09, Pistons 84-80

The Celtics fell behind by eight but Ray Allen has responded with two straight layups and they have a chance. Detroit ball.

Fourth quarter, 5:01, Pistons 80-76

Detroit is on a 9-0 run and the Celtics have gone 4:05 without a basket. The Celtics have scored 20 points in 17 second-half minutes compared with 56 in 24 first-half minutes. The defense isn’t the issue tonight.

Fourth quarter, 7:54, Celtics 76-75

The Celtics are playing better defense but still are making too many turnovers. The Celtics were 3-for-12 from the field in the third quarter.

End of third quarter, Tied at 69

The Celtics have scored 13 points in 12 minutes with seven turnovers, another third-quarter breakdown against a team besieged with injuries. Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce have combined for 40 points.

Third quarter, 5:16, Pistons 63-62

Another nightmarish third quarter for the Celtics, who have given up the lead and have been outscored 15-6 in the quarter and look flat.


Third quarter, 6:19, Celtics 60-56

The Pistons are chipping away and got major momentum when Jason Maxiell blocked attempt by Rasheed Wallace. The Celtics have dominated this game so far, but the Pistons are very much in the running.

Halftime, Celtics 56-48

The Celtics keep letting the Pistons hang around and a 6-0 run near the end of the half was ruined by a buzzer-beating 3-pointer from Austin Daye.

Second quarter, 2:57, Celtics 47-40

Charlie Villanueva has sparked the Pistons with nine points but Detroit has 15 turnovers, helping the Celtics keep the lead. Rajon Rondo has 14 points.

Second quarter, 7:42, Celtics 39-27

The bench is keeping the lead and Rajon Rondo has joined the double-figures with 10.

End of first quarter, Celtics 30-21

The Celtics are 11 for 19 from the field and Paul Pierce has 17 points as Boston looks sharp so far. Rodney Stuckey had 11 and no other Piston has more than two.

First quarter, 2:02, Celtics 22-17

Paul Pierce has 11 points for the Celtics but they are doing just enough to keep Detroit close. Rodney Stuckey has 11 for the Pistons.

First quarter, 5:01 Celtics 17-11

The Celtics have had their chances to build a bug league but they have three turnovers. Rasheed Wallace is 1-for-3 from the field.

First quarter, 8:20, Celtics 10-4

Rasheed Wallace’s first shot hit off the side of the backboard but the Celtics are coming out with defensive intensity and look motivated.

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