Doc: ‘Glen Davis has to grow up’

During last night’s Celtics loss to the Pistons in Detroit, fans watching the game on TV or listening on the radio may have heard an expletive yelled out. That was Boston’s Glen “Big Baby’’ Davis shouting at a Pistons fan who kept calling him “fat boy” during the first half.

Davis’s graphic remark stunned fans sitting behind the Celtics’ bench. The fan, Scott Zack, was warned by arena security about his heckling but was determined to press the issue about Davis’s remark. Zack said he filed a complaint with NBA security during the game.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers expressed disappointment in Davis after the game and spoke more about the exchange Davis had with the fan during his weekly appearance on WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan show this morning.


“Unfortunately, I didn’t know that it had transpired,” Rivers said. “And I didn’t know until after the game and when you talk to the press pool and it was brought up and you could see it was a big deal to the press. And I still don’t have the clear picture. I’m assuming whoever watched the game heard it and very clear, I didn’t even know that. I never watch the game when I watch film with sound, but that stuff can’t happen.

“I always say to the ‘to the [victor] goes the spoils,’ if the other team’s winning and the fans are on you, that’s part of it. We’ve been taught you have to take it and you have to keep playing. I don’t think it’s a huge step backwards [for Davis], but it is a step backwards and Glen Davis has to grow up.”

Rivers was asked if there was a line a fan in the stands could cross where he would understand how a player would feel compelled to retaliate.

“No,” Rivers replied. “I can see every once in a while you turn around saying something to a fan, and in Baby’s case maybe that was it, but never grabbing or holding. When you think about it, they’re words, and I’ve heard some vile things said to me, said to our players, it’s amazing what you hear. You should turn around, point to security, and have them deal with it.


“When you think about it, and it was two days ago, Martin Luther King’s birthday, just think what he heard, and how many times he turned his cheek. If he can do that, why can’t we do that on a basketball court. You’re not going to win that battle, let somebody else fight it for you.”

This is not the first time this season the player has been in some trouble with his coach. Rivers, and others in Celtics’ management, also voiced their disappointment when Davis broke his right thumb fighting with a childhood friend two days before the season opener.

Material from today’s Celtics notebook was used in this report.

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