Giddens sent to the D-League

In a move that reflects the impending return of Kevin Garnett, the Celtics sent J.R. Giddens of Maine of the NBDL, giving the little-used second-year swingman a chance to play.

But this move is a curious one. Giddens started against the Toronto Raptors on Jan. 2 and has been waiting to show he can contribute and with Brian Scalabrine struggling all season —  6 minutes, 3 fouls, no points against Pistons on Wednesday — it would seem natural to give Giddens a shot.

Not sure what Giddens can prove in the D-League besides just breaking a sweat and gaining confidence but he is an asset to the Celtics that isn’t being used.

Let’s compare stats: Giddens, 21 games, 99 minutes, 24 total points, 20 rebounds, 4 steals, 10 fouls.

Scalabrine, 33 games, 340 minutes, 59 total points, 32 rebounds, 47 fouls,

And Giddens has attempted 12 free throws in his short time compared with 6 for Scalabrine. Just a thought.


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