KG a go for Clippers

On Dec. 27, Kevin Garnett absorbed a kick to his right knee from a Los Angeles Clipper. The next night, Garnett took another blow to the knee against Golden State. The resulting hyperextension kept Garnett out for 10 games.

Garnett returned at nearly full speed for the Celtics’ 98-95 overtime win over Portland Friday and he is set to start against the Clippers at the TD Garden Monday night.

“It’s good to be back, be a presence and try to help,’’ Garnett said after Sunday’s practice. “I’m not a fortune teller nor am I a doctor, but I am a person who works really hard at what I do. I come in here with the same intensity, same mind-set to get better.

“I have no timetable. The game is full of injuries. I am sure you can go throughout each team, every guy is beat up on the roster, and I am no different from that.’’


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