Celtics cool with icing during games

Kevin Garnett could be seen icing his surgically repaired right knee in the third and fourth quarters of Monday’s victory over the Los Angeles Clippers. Garnett returned to the game with increased energy and finished out the game after entering early in the fourth quarter.

Icing during games is apparently a new NBA trend, but Rivers said it is something he has yet to become comfortable with.

“I think a lot of them do that. Perk does it. Paul does it. My problem with all three of them is they take forever to take it off,” Rivers said. “Paul missed a substitution (Monday). Because I said ‘Paul’ and he’s doing like this (unwrapping his knee) and the clock stopped and by the time he finished, they put the ball in play and he couldn’t get to the table in time. We have to give them unwrapping lessons. Perk is quick but Kevin and Paul take forever. I am like what the hell’s going on.”


Rivers said the Celtics have been icing for a few years now. The ice apparently cools the muscles and makes ailing players more flexible. But old school Rivers recalls during his days that ice packs were reserved only for post game.

“I think that’s a new thing now,” he said. “I thought if you iced, that meant you were done. The first guy I saw do it before a game was Dennis Rodman, so you have to give him credit for that.”

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