Odom walks the mean streets

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It’s hard to show your face in this town if you’re a Yankee or a Laker, but Lamar Odom and a couple teammates tried to do it anyway. 

The reason: they were hungry, and hotel food wouldn’t cut it. So, they decided to walk to P.F. Changs. 
They made it about two steps. “It was a long two steps,” Odom said. “We had to get through the crowd. Everybody had something to say.” 
Most of it isn’t fit to print. But with the rivalry being as heated and as storied as it is, Odom gladly took the heckling. 
“Of course, you want that conversation,” Odom said. “That’s what makes it fun … This is a tough place to play basketball. It’s a tough place to walk around if you’re an opposing team. They love their Celtics here. I can appreciate that.”

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