Why nothing’s guaranteed in Washington

When everyone was asking Doc Rivers about the three-game stretch against Orlando, Atlanta and Los Angeles, Rivers was probably the only person to mention Washington. 

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At first glance it looks like the Celtics are walking into a post-apocalypse situation in D.C with the Wizards still dealing with the aftermath of the Gilbert Arenas-Javaris Crittenton incident. 

But it will be the fourth game in five days for the Celtics, who are coming off a 1-point loss to the Lakers that could be as draining mentally as it was physically.

Rivers compared this Wizards game to the Celtics loss earlier this month to Chicago at the Garden, also the last of a four-in-five. 

The Bulls came out of the gates and put the Celtics in a 29-18 hole after one.

And though the Celtics made pushes, but against a team that was diving into the TNT table for loose balls, they didn’t have enough energy to sustain. Chicago knew it, and Rivers suggested that the Wizards will, too. 

“Teams know that,” Rivers said. “Like two weeks ago when we were playing Chicago. You could hear the on the floor. ‘Get to the fourth! Get to the fourth!’ You could hear them literally say that knowing that there’s know way we’d have anything in the tank and unfortunately they were right.”

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