Ainge and Allen sift through the rumors


Celtics GM Danny Ainge gave a mini “State of the Celtics” address yesterday on “The Big Show“, clearing the air about several hot topics, including whether he had initiated trade talks about Ray Allen.
He said he hadn’t made any phone calls about Allen. He also didn’t rule out the possibility. He said that a trade involving Allen was unlikely. Ainge said he met with Allen to talk about all the murmurs.
The way Allen tells it, he was with his wife and kids when Ainge called him into the practice facility to talk.

“We just talked about all the things,” Allen said. “I don’t really watch a
whole lot of TV and read the newspaper. It’s just other people on the outside
talking about me being traded and going different places. Everybody’s like,
‘Are you going somewhere?’ I was like, ‘It’s out of my control. It’s nothing I
even worry about.’ It’s even tougher because other people bring it to me and
they have to deal with it. 

A friend of mine just told me they said, ‘Hey I
heard you were being traded?’ And I just texted them back like, ‘Gee, thanks
for the heads up.’ 

Allen said Ainge tried to reassure him of all the possibilities.

“Danny, he just told me, ‘Look, I know you guys have been
dealing with this over the past couple of weeks. He was like, ‘I haven’t made
any calls and trying to get you out of here, it’s always speculation coming
from other franchises or newspapers around the country.'”

Allen, traded twice in his career, said a few times this season that he’s been in situations where he thought he was safe and wound up being dealt. So nothing surprises him. 

“It still could [happen],” Allen said. “Anything could happen. So for me I
just keep playing basketball. It’s not my job to sit here and worry and let
stress bog me down. It was great to sit there and talk with Danny because he
and I have a good relationship.”


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