Allen gives Rondo an urgent message


Conventional thinking was that since Ray Allen, Kevin
Garnett and Paul Pierce were all slowly stepping toward the end of their careers, this would be their
last chance at a championship. 

But when he talked to Rajon Rondo, the emerging point guard who was just named to his first all-star game and has his entire career in front of him, Ray Allen reversed the scenario. The two talk often as both peers and mentor/pupil, and Allen pointed out to Rondo that even though he has a lot of time left in his career, not
every team is built like the ones he’s been on the past three seasons and that this
might be the last time he gets to make a run at a title.


“I told him, ‘You’ve got 10, 12-plus years left in the NBA,
you’re making great money, but this could be yours,” Allen said. “I told him I went
to the Eastern Conference Finals in Milwaukee,
and the next year, we just assumed we were going to get back and we didn’t make
the playoffs. So it’s not guaranteed because you did it once or twice. It’s
never guaranteed so we have to be very selfish about really wanting to be good

Before coming to Boston, Allen had been to the playoffs just four times in 10 NBA seasons (three with Milwaukee, one with Seattle). In the last year of an $80 million contract he signed five years ago in Seattle, his future with the Celtics is uncertain after this season, but he said his focus has to be on a championship. 

 “All these guys in this locker room are my
brothers and I’m going to proceed forward thinking this could be it for all of
us,” Allen said. “And we’ve got to treat this season is very special and know that whatever
comes out of it is what we want to come out of it and that’s winning a

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