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You may have seen a similar post in recent days on Extra Bases, but we wanted to make you aware of some Celtics-specific Globe Twitter users to follow as another way to get your Celtics news. If you want your news 140 characters at a time, we’ll be posting from the locker room, courtside, and everywhere in between.

Here’s where to follow us:

Globe Celtics Coverage: @GlobeCeltics

Gary Washburn: @gwashburn14

Gary Dzen: @GlobeGaryDzen

Bob Ryan: @GlobeBobRyan 

Dan Shaughnessy: @Dan_Shaughnessy

and of course our bosses, Joe Sullivan: @GlobeSullivan and Matt Pepin: @mattpep15 

Twitter is not for everybody, but if you’re a plugged-in type and always checking your phone, it’s a good way to get the news in a hurry. So follow along.



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