All-Star Game Notes

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett said they asked Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy to play limited minutes and he obliged.

Pierce’s line: 11 minutes, 36 seconds, 8 points, 1 steal, 1 turnover
Garnett’s line: 12 minutes, 43 seconds, 4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block

Rajon Rondo’s line: 19 minutes, 49 seconds, 4 points, 5 assists, 1 rebound

Here was Pierce’s reaction:

“It was a tremendous building (Cowboys Stadium) with the big screen TVs everywhere. It was just a great experience being out there playing. I enjoyed the whole weekend. I got a chance to win the 3-point contest, we won the game, got a chance to make history for the largest crowd to watch an all-star game, which really completed my weekend.”


On playing with his Celtic teammates:

“It was good to be out there with Rondo. I played with Ray (Allen) the last couple of years, so last few years I had a chance to play with two of my teammates and it makes it even more enjoyable. I was out there in the 3-point contest and they were out there supporting me. And talking to Rondo on the bench, he was telling me his heart was beating fast when he was about to go into the game. But he did well out there.”

On his health and resting his left foot:

“I think I am one of the guys who really needed this weekend to relax my body, get away from the wear and tear for about a week and take care of some of these wounds of my body. I really feel good right now. Hopefully these last 30 games we can stay injury free and go out there with a full roster and really make a run going into the playoffs.”

On his weekend:

“I had a chance to get some treatment, didn’t play any basketball until today. Just really staying off of it and it really helped. We told (Van Gundy) that we wanted to play limited minutes. We’ve been to the All-Star Weekend, we’ve shared in the experience so many years that I thought it was time for the young guys to experience it.”


On Cowboys Stadium:

“This is an amazing stadium, it looks like a futuristic stadium and you gotta wonder whether any other NFL teams, you gotta wonder what’s next with stadiums, is it going to change the way stadiums are built in the future.”

On the total experience:

“The key is to enjoy every minute of it. If there’s parties you want to go to, go ahead and go it, if there’s family you want to be around, go ahead and do it, if there’s rest you want to enjoy, go ahead and do that. But soak it all in, the atmosphere and be part of it.”

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