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Live: Celtics at Kings



Final Celtics 95-92

Paul Pierce hits two free throws and Kings run out of timeouts and can’t respond with a score.

Fourth quarter, 2.4 Celtics 93-92

Celtics foul instead of allowing game-tying 3-point attempt and Omri Casspi hits both and banks in second trying to miss because the Kings are out of timeouts. Paul Pierce gets fouled and is going to line.

Fourth quarter, 5.6 Celtics 93-90

Celtics fall asleep on defense and let Tyreke Evans take a wide open 3-pointer, which he hits. Ray Allen gets fouled and then hits both. Kings ball with a chance to send into overtime.


Fourth quarter, 15.4 Celtics 91-87

Wow. After Kevin Garnett gets layup blocked, Jason Thompson gets fouled on a layup and missed both free throws. Kings are 0 for 4 in last four free throws. Wallace goes to the line for two and hits both. Kings ball.

Fourth quarter, 36.7 Celtics 89-87

Boston gets a break with Omri Casspi misses two free throws but Ray Allen missed on the other end. Spencer Hawes missed a runner on the Kings next possession and Kendrick Perkins gathered the rebound. Pierce gets trapped near midcourt and calls timeout with 10 seconds left on 24-second clock.

Fourth quarter, 1:38 Celtics 89-87

Paul Pierce drains a 3-pointer to give the Celtics back the lead after the Kings had the ball and a one-point lead but couldn’t score. The Celtics are 5 for 16 with 13 points in the quarter.

Fourth quarter, 3:37 Kings 85-84

Sacramento has stormed back with a 10-2 run as the Celtics have gone ice cold from the field, going 3 for 13 from the field in the fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter, 6:57 Celtics 82-78

Boston went 2:23 of the fourth quarter before its first points but took a 7-point lead before a 3-pointer from Spencer Hawes. The Celtics just need to execute down the stretch but they have missed countless layups.


End of third quarter, Celtics 76-69

Celtics outscore Sacramento 19-17 in the quarter but they missed a lot of layups and easy baskets that could have extended the lead even further. Rasheed Wallace leads the Celtics with 12 while Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi each have 14 for the Kings.

Third quarter, 2:49 Celtics 73-69

The Celtics are working hard to avoid a big Kings run and so far they are succeeding but they have committed five turnovers in the quarter and aren’t getting much from the starters.

 Third quarter, 5:30 Celtics 68-63

It seems the Celtics have withstood the Kings’ first push of the second and haven’t lost any of their halftime lead. Paul Pierce has 10 points. Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett have combined for 12 points and 9 rebounds.

Third quarter, 7:27 Celtics 65-62

The starters continue to flounder with silly turnovers and they are barely holding on to their halftime lead. Celtics are getting nothing from Garnett and Perkins.

Halftime, Celtics 57-52

We have been here before, the Celtics with a halftime lead. But Sacramento ended the quarter on an 11-6 run to make it a close game again. The Celtics screwed up the final play of the half because Kevin Garnett set the wrong screen for Eddie House, who was supposed to take the final shot. Ten different Celtics have scored led by Rasheed Wallace’s 10 points.


Omri Casspi has 12 for Sacramento but just two in the second quarter.

Second quarter, 2:40, Celtics 52-44

Boston is maintaining its lead with strong defense and great bench play. The reserves have scored 33 of the 52 points, 18 of those from Eddie House and Rasheed Wallace.

Second quarter, 7:30, Celtics 44-37

Boston is on a 7-0 run capped by an Eddie House 3-pointer, forcing the Kings to call a timeout. The Celtics are shooting 53 percent with just four turnovers. The bench is playing well.

Second quarter, 8:54, Celtics 39-37

Boston is beginning to get into a rhythm while Sacramento is looking to pound the ball in the paint with Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins on the bench. Rasheed Wallace has 10 points in seven minutes.

End of first quarter, Tied at 30

The Celtics end the quarter on a 9-4 run and seem to have some defensive flow after the Kings bombarded them with 3-pointers early. It seemed Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace have come to ball tonight. They have combined for 9 points.

First quarter, 1:32, Kings 26-21

The Celtics are playying better but the Kings are canning 3-pointers and taking advantage of bad Celtics defense. Omri Casspi has 10 points while Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have 6. Glen Davis into the game.

First quarter, 5:30, Kings 17-10

Sacramento is coming out blazing and the Celtics are playing terrible defense. Sacramento has hit three 3-pointers already and Omri Casspi has 8 points.


First Quarter
The usual starters for Boston (Pierce, Garnett, Perkins, R. Allen and Rondo). The Kings are going with Casspi, Greene, Hawes, Martin and Evans.


… where Tyreke Evans’ face is everywhere! Magazine covers, murals, media guides. He’s been in the league about four months and he’s the face of the Kings’ franchise. 

He’s averaging 20.3 points a night and is a couple lengths ahead of Brandon Jennings and Stephen Curry in the rookie of the year race. In a way, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers said Evans reminds him of Marquis Daniels, a player the Celtics haven’t seen enough of since acquiring the natural-born slasher in the offseason. 
“I think what we all underestimate was his size,” Rivers said, gushing over the build of the 6-foot-6-inch, 220-pound Evans. “He’s so big. He’s like Marquis in some ways. People play off of Marquis and people play off Tyreke, but they’re so big, when they cut and when they make contact through the traffic, they score still. It makes him very, very difficult to guard.” 
Sitting in fourth place in the East, the Celtics are looking to brush off a disappointing first half. They start out with a “hellish” (Doc’s word) four-game road trip for the Celtics that takes them from here to Los Angeles, Portland, and Denver. More to come from out west.


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