McGrady trade could affect Celtics, two sides close to deal

According to reports, Tracy McGrady is headed to New York after being a Sacramento King for about 12 hours. And that will affect the Nate Robinson deal with the Celtics. The Celtics had to match salaries with the Knicks. Eddie House makes $2.8 million and J.R. Giddens earns roughly $1 million so, the Celtics had to come up with $1.8 million to take back because Robinson’s $4 million contract is only worth $2 million because he is a base-year compensation player.

So the Celtics are likely going to acquire another player along with Robinson — likely Marcus Landry because of his $400,000 salary — and they have another roster spot to accomodate another because without having to waive someone of their current roster. But the Celtics likely would waive Landry for roster flexibility.


So keep tabs on the three-way deal between Sacramento, New York and Houston and that complexity affected the Robinson deal. But it’s close to done, House will go to New York along with likely Giddens and perhaps Bill Walker to match salaries.

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