Rasheed Wallace critical of technical for pushing Gasol

You figured there would be some extracurricular activity when Rasheed Wallace began mixing it up in the post with Pau Gasol. Wallace doesn’t really like many players in the league and Gasol is probably at the top of his dislike list. The two were pushing and shoving in the post and after a Lakers possession the two continued to tussle down the court, only Wallace was called for a technical for pushing Gasol off of him, his 13th of the season.

Official Rodney Mott was looking at the two the entire time down the court and singled out Wallace.


“That was some bull (expletive),” he said afterward. “And the ref was watching that the whole way. But he decides to call it on me. He sees the cat put me in a headlock, all that but yeah, he decides to call it on me. I ain’t tripping on it, though. I was expecting it from him.”

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