Garnett, Howard, apples and oranges?

There’s a special place in heaven for coaches like Ozzie Guillen, Rex Ryan and Stan Van Gundy.Van Gundy dropped another quotable a couple days ago. This time, after reading a local column of the “Dwight Howard should frown more” variety, Orlando’s, um, opinionated head coach found himself fed up with the media pegging Dwight Howard as “too nice” (not sure where that came from). Coming to the defense of his 24-year-old star, who to his credit has been to the Finals and won a gold medal already, Van Gundy compared Howard to Kevin Garnett at that age, apparently because he heard someone else make the comparison first.

He told the Orlando Sentinel:


“Kevin Garnett has been in this league forever and he’s won six playoff series in his career. Dwight’s won four and he’s 23 years old [actually, 24]. That’s a pretty good comparison. Why is Kevin Garnett a great winner and Dwight Howard’s not? I don’t get it. And if you’re just going to go by titles, Kevin Garnett’s got one, and Dwight’s got as many as LeBron’s got. But LeBron’s a great winner and Dwight [isn’t]? I don’t get it.”

It’s a reasonable argument. It’s also something you can say when you’re 3-1 against the Celtics.


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