Robinson’s learning curve

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You’ll hear people say that the Celtics’ defense is so complex that it’s almost like an offense. Robinson agreed. He’s gotten support from new teammates as far as picking things up — Kevin Garnett told Robinson not to worry about adjusting to him, because Garnett would adjust to Robinson — but there’s still a lot to learn in a short time.

Doc Rivers is pretty much resigned to the idea that it’ll be almost impossible to teach Robinson everything in 27 games. Robinson says he’s a fast learner if that’s what it takes. But, still, he acknowledged exactly how sophisticated things are with his new team.
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“It’s so many different positions on the court that you’re
supposed to be in — weak-side help, talking, different ways to angle picks.
Even the guards hedge [on pick-and-rolls], you
know, like bigs and that was kind of difficult for me. I’ve never hedged in my
life. I’m always the one guarding the guard. It’s just fun knowing that with
the bigs everything’s interchangeable. I think that’s unbelievable that they
focus on that with the guards as well. It’s going to help us out a lot.”


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