A big win for Cleveland … or is it?

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Cleveland’s coach and superstar, on the same page throughout a 20-point win over the Celtics, were diametric opposites in their respective postgame press conferences.

When a question about the importance of beating the Celtics was asked, Mike Brown acted as if the Celtics were any other team.


“I wasn’t even thinking about that,” said Brown. “When we go on the road, I don’t know the last time we won in any building. I hadn’t thought about it until you brought it up.”

Brown did say, however, that in some way it was probably important for his players. That sentiment was confirmed when the player, LeBron James, was asked about beating the Celtics in Boston.

“We haven’t had much success here,” said James. “We lost like the last nine times coming in here in this building. So we got the monkey off our back. Don’t read too far into it, though.”

Don’t read to far into it, but James was right. The Cavs had lost nine consecutives games in Boston, not including the playoffs. It was a stat James knew off the top of his head.

That’s more than we can say for his coach.

  • Both James and Brown had great things to say about Mo Williams, who made four of his five three-pointers in the fourth quarter.

    “This league is a lot about confidence,” said James. “And when your confidence is taken away you can kind of start to second-guess yourself. Mo’s confidence raised up again tonight because he was able to play so well in a big game, especially on the road. That’s the Big Shot Mo that we know…he’s very emotional on the court, in a good way.”

    Said Brown, “I thought it helped us create separation rather quickly when he started hitting the threes,” said Brown. “Mo finally started hitting those threes and it helped the separation a lot quicker than if he was knocking down two’s.”

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