Rivers: ‘There’s nothing I can do’

Celtics coach Doc Rivers was out of answers in reference to diagosing his team’s propensity to blow leads in the second half.

“There’s nothing I can do about it,” said Rivers. “Obviously I’d like to improve it. We’d like to be better. But we’re not right now, and we’ve just got to keep working on it. I know what we need to do. But one night it’ll be defense, one night it’ll be offense. So we’ve just got to be more consistent.

“We got everything we wanted. I really thought the difference of the two halves was in the first half Cleveland played like us. The ball didn’t move for them offensively; they were a one pass, shot offense. We were attacking and we were multiple pass, multiple pick In the second half, we became them and they attacked us.”


Said Kevin Garnett, “I know you guys are tired of writing it in your columns. I apologize for all that. At some point there has to be some action. You’re right, you’re totally right. Doc has a saying. ‘You have to run through the whole race’, and we have to do that. Until we as players decide to do that we’re going to be in this predicament.”

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