Updates from Celtics-Wizards

Final Celtics 86-83: Coming back from life support, the Celtics outscore Washington 20-4 to end the game and get a hard-earned win behind Ray Allen’s 25 points and several key plays from Kevin Garnett.

Fourth quarter, 5.8, Celtics 85-83: Andray Blatche missed a short jumper, thanks to a mugging by Kevin Garnett thhat wasn’t called and the Celtics have the ball. KG shooting two free throws.

Fourth quarter, 17.1, Celtics 85-83: Ray Allen comes off a pick and hits a 3-pointer. Allen is basically telling management to re-sign him now because he is playing at an All-Star level. Rumors of his demise were great exaggerated.


Fourth quarter, 27.0, Wizards 83-82: A lot has happened in the last six minutes in an amazing sequence. Rajon Rondo missed his free throw but in a scramble, Ray Allen got the ball and cans a 3-pointer. Randy Foye comes back with a jumper with 1:17 left. Rondo missed a runner and the Wizards turned the ball over. Kevin Garnett dived for the ball and called time out. Celtics ball.

Fourth quarter, 1:37, Wizards 81-79: Celtics are on a 13-2 run but will it be enough. Rondo at the line for one free throw after a running layup.

Fourth quarter, 4:38, Wizards 79-72: Celitcs go on a 6-0 run in 1:32 and now the crowd is lively but they are going to need a few more stops to make this more interesting. Ray Allen has 19 points. Kevin Garnett 0-for-7 with six points.

Fourth quarter, 6:10, Wizards 79-66: The Celtics have just four points in 5:50 and the Wizards are squeezing the life out of them behind Andray Blatche, who has nine points in the quarter. The Celtics have no one to guard him.

Fourth quarter, 8:59, Wizards 71-62: The Celtics have yet to score in the fourth quarter and Andray Blatche has scored five on his own, putting Boston in a big hole. JaVale McGee has changed this whole game. He just collected his fourth block and the Celtics are basically afraid to take the ball into the paint.


End of third quarter, Wizards 66-62: Celtics end the quarter on a 12-4 run, going to the only player who seems up to playing tonight: Ray Allen. He has 17 on 7-for-11 shooting. The rest of the bunch is 15-for-45 from the field (33 percent) for 45 points. Rajon Rondo: 3 assists in 28 minutes. Al Thornton 22 points and JaVale McGee has three blocks and a bunch of altered shots for fear of his wrath.

Third quarter, 3:55, Wizards 60-50: The Celtics are just trying to position themselves for a fourth-quarter run but it’s not looking good. The Celtics are shooting 35 percent from the field and Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo are a combined 1 for 11 with six points. Rondo has two assists in 24 minutes. Garnett has more assists (3).

Third quarter, 7:26, Wizards 56-45: It’s not getting any better. The Celtics are afraid to take the ball into the paint with JaVale McGee there and they aren’t taking any 3-pointers. The Wizards are outplaying the Celtics and it’s not close.

Halftime, Wizards 44-38: The Celtics turned in one of their worst halves of the season, and that’s saying something given their up and down performances this season. They shot 35 percent and the bench is a combined 2-for-14 from the field for seven points. Al Thornton leads Washington with 15 points and eight rebounds.

Second quarter, 1:12, Wizards 40-37: The Celtics are starting to show life but keep trying to dunk on JaVale McGee, who has three blocks already. Washington’s athleticism is bothering the Celtics but the Wizards are also making a lot of mistakes. Kendrick Perkins has 10 points for Boston.


Second quarter, 5:26, Wizards 34-26: The first 60 might win this game. This is just an ugly performance so far by the Celitcs and it is on national television. I don’t the Cavaliers or Magic are shaking in their boots right now.

Second quarter, 9:13, Wizards 27-20: The Celtics have just decided that scoring is optional tonight. They scored their 15th point with 5:08 left in the first period and have five in the past 7:55 and are shooting 28 percent. It’s going to be a tough night.

End of first quarter, Wizards 25-19: Shocked? yeah there is an eerie silence in TD Garden after Washington completely outplayed the Celtics en route to a 6-point lead. Washington is shooting 56 percent and Andraw Blatche has eight points. The Celtics are shooting 32 percent and Paul Pierce has seven points. This has the feel of the New Jersey game, just saying.

First quarter, 2:18, Wizards 19-15: Not exactly an impressive performance so far from the home green. They are 6-for-16 from the field and are having a hard time matching up with Washington’s athletic big men. Andray Blatche has six points for the Wizards while Randy Foye has five.

First quarter, 5:31, Wizards 15-13: The Celtics jumped out to a 6-2 lead but Washington has stormed back behind a vicous JaVale McGee dunk on Kendrick Perkins and a 3-pointer from Al Thornton. Paul Pierce has seven points for Boston.

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