For Allen, Rondo, a constructive talk

Be very, very surprised if Ray Allen only takes three shots tonight.

Allen held court with Rajon Rondo in the Celtics locker room before tonight’s game, the backcourt duo discussing the poor ball movement that led to Allen attempting only three shots last night against the Bucks.

According to Allen, neither Rondo nor Kevin Garnett was aware after the game that Allen had attempted only three shots.

“I told Rondo that offensively we were real stagnant last night,” said Allen. “There’s no way this team should score 84 points. Not with the offensive talent that we have. I said, ‘I look at you, you’re the point guard. I know Doc makes a lot of the offensive calls, but you’ve got to make sure that when we come down the floor, that ball goes from one side to the other, I’m touching the ball, Paul’s touching the ball. We’re all capable of making plays.'”


Allen averaged 18.7 points over his previous 10 games before scoring just three points in Milwaukee.

“Offensively, if I’m not touching the ball, shooting the ball, scoring in transition, that means the ball is stagnant,” said Allen.

Doc Rivers didn’t want to place the blame squarely on Rondo.

“It’s everybody’s job,” said Rivers. “Ray is the beneficiary of good ball movement most nights, and when the ball is moving correctly Ray usually gets good shots. But that’s on Rondo, it’s on me, it’s on our bigs to get him open, and it’s on the ball to move.”

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